Final Assignment

During the holidays I’ve been working on and off on the final assignment for this 2D-course and I believe that I finished in good time. The assignment was divided into two parts; one where we got a doodle and had to add or take away details, making a sketch with clear construction without losing the feeling of the pose, and a second where we got a detailed lineart of a background where we had to add value and lighting to the scene and create some sort of atmosphere.

I didn’t find the rough sketch all too complicated, but the background was way harder to grasp than I had fist expected. I’d never worked on such a detailed background before. I spent many hours working on it, moving the light source several times and having some trouble understanding the cast shadows. When I finally got a hang of it, or at least understood enough of what I was doing to continue, the process sped up and kept a rather steady tempo. I still feel a little unsure on how everything works, and I’ve stared myself blind on the image I’ve finished, but I’ve learnt a lot. I don’t think that I’ve learnt this much in such a short period of time before. It’s like a whole bunch of doors have opened, and I’m still just looking in through them, taking a few steps at a time, trying new things and learning more and more for each step I take. That’s a great feeling.


MPh out.


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